Fedor Steer - Character Actor


Location: South Florida
Age Range: 35 to 50
Height: 6 ft 5 in
Weight: 175 lbs
Build: Lean athletic, no tattoos or piercings
Hair: Brown/bald
Eyes: Grey/blue

c/o Glenn Burton
Burton & Robinson Agency 10051 McGregor Blvd., Suite 108 Fort Myers, FL 33919
(239) 645-6870 burtonandrobinsonagency@gmail.com
Email: fedor@lifeplay.org

Fat Camp Massacre (feature)Cupcake the Killer ClownPaul Tarnopol, dir.
Jersey Shore Massacre (feature)Cupcake the Killer ClownPaul Tarnopol, dir.
Hunter X (feature)Tony ColettaJared Brock, dir.
10 Minutes (short)Henry MacArthurDave Lepage, dir.
Sanctuary (feature)VirgilNicewonder Films, LLC
Bunkum Discoveries (short)John Radcliff (voice)Morhead Productions
The Empty (feature)Pastor DietrichBen Struble, dir.
BFF Zombie (short)Pastor BrownLifePlay Productions
FunMachine (short) Dr. DestructoOutside the Box Ent.
5th of a Degree (feature)Serial KillerDaniel Columbie Films
The Encounter (feature) Mr. Buscadero Ladrach Productions
Re-Nude (short) JerriHeili Basham Films
Your Worst NightmareGary (principal)Scott Thigpen, director
Dirty Work (Austin Mahone music video)Janitor (principal)Gil Green, director
South Beach TowSinging Clown (principal)Jonathan Espinoza, director
Bloodline (Netflix)Babyface (principal)Alex Graves, director
Burn NoticeLead Operative (principal)Bill Eagles, director
GracelandTed (principal)Russell Lee Fine, director
America's Most WantedJerry (principal)Jonathan Winfrey, director
Winn-Dixie (commercial)Alien (principal)Frank Costantini, director
Honey, I Shrunk the KidsHookman (photo-double)Disney
Honey, I Shrunk the KidsAlienDisney
In-Form (commercial)AthleteNTV (Canada)
Acting: June Pentyliuk, Vancouver
Stage Combat:Edwin Millheim
  • Competitive swimming, cycling, and triathlon (have gear), marine navigator (former Coast Guard officer), sailing, SCUBA certified, kickboxing, volleyball, ice hockey, most team sports
  • Fluent in Dutch, some French, excellent accents
  • Valid driverís license
  • Valid US and Canadian Passports

Fedor Steer - Writer

No Roof Access (feature screenplay)

Alberta, 1984:
Fat city-boy in a ranching town doesn't belong.

Florida, 2192:
Lonely girl trapped underground
doesn't know what's wrong.

The planet has changed. Deal with it.

No Roof Access is a science fiction thriller with elaborate visual effects throughout.

BFF Zombie (short)

Best... Friends... FOREVER

Life can be rough for teenage girls. But sometimes, being bored out of your skull may be the answer.

BFF Zombie has been completed. Watch the Film.

LifePlay (feature screenplay)

"It's a thin line between good and evil.
We invite you to step across."

One little mass-murder
can sure mess with your mind.

LifePlay is a screenplay set in Southern Florida, suitable for filming at a modest budget. No complex sets or special effects are required.

Church (feature screenplay)


The Comedy

Also set in Southern Florida, Church gets its strength from hilarious characters caught up in a fiendish political plot. It can be filmed on a very modest budget.